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Practical information and subscription service terms

Before we can register you as a customer, we recommend that you read our subscription service terms carefully to ensure that you have the necessary information about Spotless 24-7’s offers and terms. We reserve the right to correct/modify the following subscription service terms without prior notice. The below was last updated: May 19, 2010.

The first cleaning

When we come out and clean the first time, the window cleaner will confirm the window count to make sure the information we have received is consistent with the actual number of windows and ladder moves. If the number does not match, the window cleaner will always clean all windows on the house. The agreement will then be adjusted relative to the control count carried out by the window cleaner and a new invoice will be sent to you. Along with this invoice, you will receive a letter indicating the inconsistencies and the price for window cleaning after the changes to the agreement have been made.

Exterior cleaning

Exterior cleaning is carried out as a subscription service every 4, 8 or 12 weeks. The windows must be easily accessible, which means that there must be approx. 3 feet of space around the window. Bushes and trees should not cover the windows or limit access.

Interior cleaning

Ordered via phone or on 14 days before the next cleaning. Can be attached to the subscription of a fixed interval. Can be added to the subscription at a fixed interval. Notification via phone/text occurs the day before. Windowsills must be cleared, incl. drapes and blinds. If it is not possible for window cleaner to clean the interior, as a general rule, he always cleans the exterior.

Phone call for exterior cleaning (When ordered)

You will receive a phone call from our cleaner one day before he comes. The window cleaner will let you know that he is coming the following day. Garden gate, garage door, etc. should be opened so cleaner has access to the house.

Note: If it is not possible for the cleaner to carry out the cleaning according to the agreement, an additional fee of DKK 50 will be charged in the subsequent invoice.

Phone call for interior cleaning

You will receive a phone call from our cleaner one day before the interior cleaning takes place. The window cleaner will inform you of what time he will come with an interval of max. 2 hours, e.g. between 9-11 AM. If you are not able to be present for the interior cleaning, you can leave a key for the cleaner.


We clean in your area every four weeks with approximately 24-30 day intervals. Some customers only want cleanings every 8 or 12 weeks. The less frequent the interval, the more expensive the window cleaning.

Regular Payment

Must be made within 10 days after each visit.

Direct Debit Payment

Occurs according to direct debit rules and conditions. It might result in a very long credit period for the invoice. This can result in months where the double amount is charged.

Price changes may occur due to:

  • Incorrect number of windows.
  • Incorrect number of ladder moves.
  • Change in frequency.
  • Index adjustment (Occurs once a year).

Note: It is the customer's responsibility that the number of windows is consistent with what is stated on the invoice.

Cleaning outside route/extra cleaning

For cleaning on a specific date or time that lie outside the cleaner’s normal route, the price starts at DKK 250 + the normal price of cleaning.


On, you have the following options:

  • Register for direct debit.
  • View balance.
  • Payment by credit card.


Call the office immediately, and no more than 3 days after the cleaning, before the cleaner has left the area.

Unwarranted Complaints

An unwarranted complaint might be a complaint about the cleaning and it turns out to be limescale (see below) or that only the exterior has been cleaned and the dirt is on the interior.

What can I expect to be cleaned away?

Dirt that has accumulated on the windows naturally. Dirt from traffic and pollen. Droppings from animals.

Note: Drying of windowsills to remove excess water can carried out upon request for a small additional charge.

What will not be washed away with a normal cleaning?

  • Silicone/stickers and traces thereof. (E.g. from new windows).
  • Limescale (be careful not to spray the windows with a garden hose as this leaves limescale).
  • Cement, mortar, paint, varnish and oil.

Changes to Cleaning

Must be reported to the office with at least 14 days notice. You can see when we expect to come on your previous invoice.

All agreements for cleaning must be made with the office and be indicated on the invoice

Moving / Cancellation

Must be reported to the office with at least 14 days notice. You can see when we expect to come on your previous invoice.

Vacation / Skip cleaning

Must be reported to the office with at least 14 days notice. You can see when we expect to come on your previous invoice.

General Practice

Spotless 24-7's business works according to the same principle as ice cream vans and garbage trucks. We carry out cleanings for all of our customers according to fixed routes planned in advance. Each route is repeated after 24-30 days, approximately every 4 weeks.

Working Hours

We work every weekday in the period from 7AM to 4PM.


We clean in any weather; snow, rain and frost are no obstacles.

Closed / Vacation

Spotless 24-7 is closed during week 29, 30 & 31, and between Christmas & New Year

Termination of subscription

There is a 30-day notice period. The termination must take place in writing via letter or e-mail to