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About us

As a local Bay Area service provider Spotless 24-­7 LLC provides subscription-­based window cleaning services every 4, 8 or 12 weeks.

We do it at very affordable prices starting as low as 19 USD pr. window cleaning.

How is it possible you may ask?

It is possible because we focus on clustering our customers locally, and manage our workers electronically and we use a highly advanced IT­-system to do so.

By doing so we ensure profitability, where our competitors often have a minimum of at least 175 USD to do a simple task, that we would charge 19 USD to perform.

Consider the mailman.

If you deliver one letter at one adress, and then have to drive 2 miles to the next customer, and deliver one more and so on and so forth, then it takes a lot longer than if you just deliver a lot of letters to one road at a time.

The tighter the clusters of customers, the better the efficiency – and conversely the lower the price for you the customer.

It is really that simple. We just do our job more effectively, and thats why you get it a lot cheaper, than otherwise possible.

Even if we clean your windows at a very affordable price, we do it properly, and that is the reason we even have a satisfaction guarantee.

Spotless 24­-7 LLC is of course also licensed, bonded and insured.

In short we are everything our competitors are – we are just cheaper.

Dont believe us?

Check out our origins.

We started in Denmark in 1983, where we still to this day service 15.000 customers – same product – same idea – same training – same IT infrastructure.

Our founders Vivi and Mikael Vergara even to this day still work at the danish company, and their son Mark Vergara has been trusted to spearhead the american division.

Mark Vergara has worked in window cleaning his whole life, and there is nothing he enjoys more, than training his workers and making sure, that they are happy going to work for you, so they do their very best each and every time they clean your windows.

We look forward to servicing you – our valued customer.